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Product Conception

Our approach is a collaborative process leveraging our expertise in market development, product innovation and clinical research to create award winning products & competitive advantage for our clients.


Leverage our decades of experience in formulation, dosing and flavoring to speed through the process of building your product portfolio. If you are looking for new line extensions to give your brand a boost, let us help create new vertical markets or just energize your existing products.


There are formulas that work on paper and others that work in real life. The only way to test these is through a comprehensive sampling process. We will work out the obstacles during the product conception process to speed time to market when you are ready to launch your new products.



Our market changes rapidly and you need a formulation partner who is always a step ahead of the competition. Our formulation experts are constantly researching the latest in evidence-based ingredients and formulation techniques to increase bio availability.


Our experience and expertise translates into competitive advantage for our clients. We have multiple formulators with more than 20 years of experience innovating differentiated supplements with the highest standards for quality and efficacy. Give us the opportunity to show you the benefits of collaborative formula development with the Columbia team.


The formulas we develop with our clients are 100% owned by our clients. Although we take an active role in the collaborative formulation process, we understand the proprietary nature of every conversation and treat it with great sensitivity. Our goal is always to serve the client and build unquestionable trusting partnerships.


Competitive Pricing

Our value pricing model allows us to offer clients the aggressive pricing you would enjoy from a large multi-national, while maintaining a highly customer-focused culture you would find from a family run business.

Operational Efficiencies

We have a broad portfolio of products and markets served, allowing us to negotiate great terms with suppliers and pass those savings along to our clients. Our newly implemented ERP system and automation equipment accelerates operational efficiencies and cost control. We run lean so that you can stay competitive.

No Run Too Small

Some of our largest volume clients are those that we helped get started many years ago. We respect and appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of start-up businesses and offer flexible terms to make it possible to grow your business. Our services and pricing model is set up for the new clients looking to grow a supplement brand.


Quality Manufacturing

Anybody can talk about quality, but we go the extra mile to ensure our products meet the highest standards. We understand that our customers reputation is on the line with every product we produce and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our commitment to quality is backed by a 95% customer retention rate over the last five years.


Nothing speaks louder about quality than results. Our last FDA audit produced ZERO findings and a clean report. We continue to push forward with a mindset of never ending improvement in all areas of quality control. Our clients can rest easy knowing that we are watching over their products with great attention to detail and care.

Excess Capacity

We continue to invest ahead of our clients growth curve to ensure we have the capacity to keep pace with even the most aggressive growth strategies. We have recently implemented fully automate production and packaging lines to increase our throughput by 4X. If growth is core to your business strategies we are ready to serve you.


Packaging Solutions

Your brand’s identity is captured in the packaging of your product. We have a variety of services and options to help you develop an award winning label and packaging design.

Label Development

Not only does your label have to be graphically appealing, but it has to be functional too. We can help with both to ensure label claims are accurate and supplement facts are compliant, while working with our graphic design partners to development eye-catching labels that stand out against the competition.

Custom Solutions

Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of custom packaging and individual dose packaging options. We partner with multiple companies who specialize in stick packs, pouches, product combo packaging, containers and more. We offer turn-key services to coordinate all your customer packaging needs.


Exceptional Service

As our company has grown, we have worked hard to maintain the small company personal touch that has made us unique in the industry. Our mantra is simple treat every client as if they are our only one.


Responsiveness is not only about getting answers in a timely manner, but also about going the extra mile to be ultra accountable to our clients. When you have a problem or a need, our entire team owns it and makes it a personal mission to satisfy your requests. Responsiveness is also about resolve to see it through to completion and we do not quit until our clients are happy.

Personal Touch

When you partner with Columbia, you will immediately notice the difference. We do not hide behind emails and invite frequent personal interaction with our clients. Mobile phone numbers are offered by our CEO, VP of Sales, VP of Ops and Head of Quality to make sure there is complete accessibility and transparency with our clients. Honesty and integrity set us a part.


New Product Quotes

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Customer Support

We have a team of customer service advocates standing by to answer your questions or assist you with current business requests. If we don't have the answer, we will get it for you. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations for service and support. We look forward to speaking with you.

Monday - Friday

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5PM Pacific Time. We are frequently operating and ready to serve you 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Our business will run as long as it takes to meet our customers needs.